We believe that time is the most valuable asset for all of us. Therefore, we support all kinds of trends, ideas, and activities that remind us of the value of time and enable us to live in that direction. Because of that we are aware of the fact that time is not eternal. Plus we believe that everyone should spend their time deservedly with those who deserve it.

Therefore, we offer you the best real estate investment solutions that money can buy,
optimising the only thing money can't buy:
We design
investment stories
We provide
personalized service
We make the investment
process easier and feasible
We use
time efficiently

What do we do?

At short notice, we create real estate investment solutions equipped with useful, modern, and smart systems. We offer you portfolios not just based on the physical characteristics but the suitable for the practice you want to live in. Instead of just meeting your needs, we try to make your wishes and expectations come true, as well. We find for you the kind of places you can emotionally connect with and want to live in. We create real estate solutions that will gain value and earn you money whether you buy it as a residence or for investment purposes.

In addition to value-added real estate solutions, our exclusive services include:

Airport welcome and VIP transfer services,

Managing the process with experienced lawyers in citizenship application processes, following up the applications by taking a power of attorney,

Presentation and visit of projects with VIP vehicles,

Planning the day of the customer who will invest in real estate,

1-month concierge service for the customers who have invested in Blink Real Estate Consulting after starting to live in Turkey,

Interior architecture and design consultancy to clients who have invested in Blink Real Estate Consulting.

We manage properties in order to create an income model for foreign landlords who invested in Turkey with Blink Real Estate Consulting.

How do we do?

We serve with the understanding of

"Full-Service Real Estate Agency".

From the first moment you think you want a new real estate, throughout the whole process up to the moments you spend there.. We offer you all the services you may need, completely. From our expert team; You get the service you want and enjoy the experience specially designed for you. You will not waste your time or money.

Who are we?

With our past dating back to the 70's; We define ourselves as the last generation of a deep-rooted commercial understanding that has been operating with the principles of reliability and honesty for nearly half a century.We started our commercial life in 1972 as Kalkavan Ticaret-Şadan Kalkavan with Shipowner and Scrap Ship Dismantling activities. Our ship-ownership activities continue today under the name of Beşiktaş Group. The total capacity of the ships in these companies is around 750 thousand DWT.

Besides, our group has started to operate in the tourism and hotel sector over time. Today, it is one of the major shareholders of Dati Holding A.Ş (Corporation), which manages important businesses such as Sheraton Istanbul Ataköy Hotel, Galeria and Ataköy Marina.

Our group has served in the construction industry since the beginning of the 90s and has signed many projects on the coast of Sarıyer, Yeşilköy, Florya, and Zeytinburnu. Today, our projects continue rapidly.

Now, we present you the Blink brand, merging the 50 years of commercial experience of the Kalkavan family from the ship-ownership activities, with the understanding of excellence in service from the tourism and hotel industry, and the mission of reliability rooted in the construction industry.

Blink was founded by Ayberk Kalkavan, who continues his career as a 3rd generation investor and business person. Blink presents the concept of a "Full-service real estate agency" with its deep-rooted commercial history, brand new and modern perspective. Blink started its commercial activities in 2020.

Our Team
Ayberk Kalkavan Ayberk Kalkavan Founder
Farinaz Moghimi Farinaz Moghimi Sales Manager
Çağla Coşar Çağla Coşar Accounting
Bulut Yıldız Bulut Yıldız Sales Assistant