Buying Property in Turkey for Foreigners

The Turkish real-estate market is at its lucrative best. The rise in the number of foreigners buying properties in Turkey has been attributed to lower prices and an increase in disposable income. The country's strong economic growth, coupled with its relatively low inflation and interest rates, has contributed to this surge of demand from outside investors. In addition, it offers many incentives for foreign companies who are looking forwards to move their headquarters or open new facilities in Turkey.

Homes in Turkey are affordable and well-designed, with many amenities. What's more, regulations for foreigners for buying property make it easy to invest in this up-and-coming market. Agencies in Turkey provide excellent service when it come to the point of sale, and after you buy your home, they will help you find schools, doctors, etc. This is a great way to build equity quickly while living abroad in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

The Turkish Currency and its Impact on Investment

In recent weeks, the Turkish lira has made a big comeback, improving the trend for emerging market currencies. Rapid increase in population is high but resluting the city development initiatives are higher. The construction and real estate in Turkey for foreigners are thus thriving, making it rewarding and attractive for investors. ​​Buying property in Turkey for foreigners is truly a safe and secure investment one can make today.

Reasons to invest in the real estate market in Turkey?

The reasons for purchasing real-estate in Turkey vary depending on who you ask. For some, it is a place to 'retire' and enjoy the Mediterranean climate and culture after a long working life. For others, it is one of many holiday homes they own. And still, more see Turkey as an investment opportunity where rents can be high, appreciation is solid and rental yields are attractive. Comparatively, it also has quite a low cost of maintenance.

What is the Process for Buying a House in Turkey as a Foreigner?

Buying property in Turkey as a foreigner, you should first decide which type of property to acquire. Buying an already existing property is cheaper than buying a brand new one because it comes with all brand new white furniture and appliances included.

Buying property in Turkey for foreigners is simpler with legal help. The legal representative should be able to help you decide the best choice in the market. They will also make sure that all the legal formalities are taken care of; this includes making sure that your name is included in the property registry. Real estate for sale in Turkey has thus been made simpler.

Foreigners are now able to acquire land in Turkey without any special restrictions or limitations. The trend of buying properties in Turkey by foreigners will continue to increase because of the stability and development happening here. Foreigners can now purchase property in Turkey with minimum investment limits, and there are some great perks as well. Reach out to us at Blink Real Estate Consulting to make a smart investment in the land of opportunities.