Work Permit Requirements in Turkey

Are you planning to take up an offer of employment in Turkey? You will need a Turkey work permit visa. Turkey is an excellent choice if you are considering moving abroad since it has a booming economy and is a great place to live in. Now, moving to another country for work is a significant life change, and you need to plan in advance and follow all the rules and regulations. In this article, we shall discuss the steps that you need to take to obtain a Turkey work permit visa.

Obtaining a Work Permit - Turkey 2021

Before applying for a Turkey work permit visa, you need to have a job offer or an employment contract in place. This is non-negotiable, and you cannot obtain a work permit without a confirmed offer of employment. Do make sure that you check the legitimacy of your prospective employer.

After the job offer is in hand, you need to immediately start the application process for the work permit (within a month and no later than two months after getting the offer). Unlike tourist visas, both you and your employer need to participate in the official procedure. For foreigners, the application needs to be filed at one of the Turkish consulate offices located in their home country. The form and specific requirements can be found using the Turkish Consular Procedures website. In the case of a Turkey work permit visa for Indian citizens, you would need to submit your initial application to the Turkish consulate office located in India. Similarly, the same logic applies to Turkey work permit visas for Pakistani citizens.

As you submit your application, your employer needs to simultaneously submit an online application with your work details and certain required documentation to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services. This has to be done within ten days of your application to ensure that your request for a work permit is considered.

Turkey Work Permit Visa - Things Points to Keep in Mind

Make sure you write or type in all the information accurately. You will have to mention the type of employment on the basis of the job you have in hand. There are different options such as lecturers or teachers, journalists, artists, sportspeople, workers, etc. You will also need to submit additional documents like a copy of your valid passport, police clearance certificate, the work contract, photographs (as per certain specifications), education details, medical insurance papers, a copy of flight tickets, proof of accommodation in Turkey, and certain financial details. You might have to also present more specific documents based on your individual application and country of origin. Additionally, you will need to ensure payment of the fees as well. Make sure to read all the rules and speak to the embassy in case you have any questions.

Once the submission is complete and the documents have been verified, you will get a date and time for your interview. The officer at the consulate will ask some questions about yourself, your work, and why you have chosen Turkey. Make sure you are prepared and give honest answers. Once the process is complete by both yourself and your employer, you will have to wait for a maximum period of thirty days for your results. If everything is in order, the Ministry would have approved your application, and you now need to move to Turkey before 180 days are over.

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