Villa Type: Villa
5+2, 6+2, 7+2 Number of Rooms: 5+2, 6+2, 7+2
Green Land & Sea View View: Green Land & Sea View
18% included VAT Declaration: 18% included
European Side, Istanbul Location: European Side, Istanbul
Ready to move Status: Ready to move
PROJECT DETAILS With 64 exclusive villas near the marina where you can park your yachts and hang out in the yacht club. A 1.5 km coast in front of you to enjoy, as well as many sports and recreational activities at your service. The beautiful design of these villas give a new meaning to luxury. To have a seaview when you're sitting in your luxurious living room or your garden is simply a dream.
  • Open and Closed Social Facilities
  • Large Green Areas & Outdoor Sports Fields
  • Sailing School in a Private Beach
  • Yacht Club and Swimming Pools
  • 1.5 km Long Coast Line
  • Marina and Vast Sports Areas
  • Marina with a Service Range of 600 Boats in the Sea
  • 300 Boats on the Land
IDO Piers7 km
Levent32 km
E-53 km
Taksim30 km
TEM6 km
  • Ready to move into.
  • At the city center.
  • Exceptional facilities.
  • One of the largest marinas in Turkey.
  • Meets the requirements to be granted Turkish citizenship.
  • Sea view.
List Price
Gross min (sqm) Gross max (sqm) Min. List Price Max. List Price
459 978 14.350.000 TL 48.300.000 TL